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An Ultimate Choice for your Home Entertainment LCD TVs

Choosing a TV for Home Entertainment out of the myriad of models available from the various brands can make the whole process challenging, even frustrating. When choosing between LCD and plasma TVs, you're actually selecting between two competing technologies, both of which achieve similar features i.e.

  • Bright
  • Crystal-clear images
  • Super color saturated pictures

Price and size of these two technologies are two previous considerations that are rapidly becoming non-issues as LCDs are now being made in larger sizes and at competing prices with plasma TVs.


LCD TVs – The Taken Decision

Up to not long ago, plasma ruled the big-screen TV world.  However, during these last years, LCD TV reviews kept showing that things are changing fast. Firstly with laptop screen; and now rapidly increasing in small and medium screen size televisions, LCD technology is becoming more popular. In particular, at the sub-40-inch category, LCD is the only mass-market flat-panel TV technology. And with the latest affordable one-inch thin LED TVs, LCD is the technology of choice at anything up to 50-inch.

1.     LCD TVs are in more choice among brands. 

   Unlike plasma TVs available in limited brands, LCD TVs are now available in wider choice of manufacturer and models for buying LCD TVs.

2.     LCD TVs are available in wide range of screen sizes. 

     From very small i.e. below 20 inches sets that can double as computer monitors, to extra-large screens i.e. 55 inches and larger that can serve as the video centerpiece of a home-theater system.

3.     LCD TVs are best to use in a very bright room. 

    Unlike gloss screen, LCDs having matte screens are far better for daytime viewing in rooms with lots of windows as well as for nighttime use in rooms with bright lighting.

4.     LCD TVs reduce the electric bills. 

    These TVs require substantially less power to operate than plasma TVs do.

5.     LCD TVs avoid any risk of burn-in. 

     With an LCD, there's no chance static images will burn in, whereas with a plasma TV, burn-in can be a concern with video games, computer programs, and other content that has fixed images onscreen for a long time.

6.     LCD TVs are not affected by increases or decreases in air pressure. 

     Their performance is consistent regardless of the altitude at which they're utilized.

Choosing one technology over the other is therefore more a matter of personal preference and matching the respective display technology characteristics with your specific needs. Go and buy LCD TVs on Comparable Prices.  

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